Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

We will not provide information that can identify individuals to third parties. Pay close attention to the management of personal information and treat it as listed below.

Save image data only on device
Image data created with ImageBrighter is stored only on the iOS device. It does not send the image data selected by the user to the server.

Data analysis
To improve the convenience of the application, ImageBrighter pays close attention to the extent that an individual can not be identified anonymously, and analyzes access. For example, when an application crashes, we send anonymously what part it crashed and help us to fix bugs quickly.

In addition, we analyze usage rate of device and application version, utilization ratio of specific function, etc., and use it for improvement of application.

We do not transmit any image data. It is saved only within the user's iOS device.

We have put as much power as possible on improving the safety of the application, support for inconveniences, etc. However, the developer shall not be responsible for the damage caused by using this application by the user. In case